Office Mega Kit 30% Off!

For the month of January the Office Mega Kit is on sale for 30% off. Now is the time to grab yourself a copy if you’re a Unity Pro owner or have access to the Level 11 sales content. Head on over and get a copy today.

Upgrade To Office Mega Kit

The Office Level Kit is now available for upgrade to the Office Mega Kit. For only $35 you can get a copy the Office Mega Kit if you have already purchased the Office Level Kit. Head on over the Unity Asset Store and check it out.

Latest Assets
Fantasy Tendril Furniture Thumbnail

Fantasy Tendril Furniture

Collection of 17 high detailed Unity prefab assets for your next fantasy environment. All prefabs setup with colliders and light map UVs. Includes 2 custom water shaders for surface water flow and simple water for the fountain.

Colonial Style House

The Colonial Style House is a high quality detailed and interactive environment which includes the full exterior and interior. Closets, windows, cabinets, lights and more are fully interactive. Environment is fully assembled, but customizable.