Nitrous Butterfly
Based in Lowell, MA USA

Founding date:
November 2003


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Nitrous Butterfly is an independent entertainment software and technology company based in Lowell, Massachusetts. Since it's creation in 2003 the company has released several PC video game titles and several developer content packs. The company's goal is to provide fun and engaging PC video game titles, as well as graphics and programming to help other independent developers.


So It Began...

Tim Pelham met Mark Miley in 2003 at a 3DSMax bootcamp course run by 3DBuzz in Dickson, TN. They spent a great deal of time in the local diner consuming mass quantities of coffee and deliberating on a game idea that was outside their ability to create. Once they returned to MA they formed Nitrous Butterfly and started on a project that was more within their collective abilities. In 2004 Nitrous Butterfly released its first game, Sole Survivor, created in The Game Factory by ClickTeam. The team went on to create Alien Defense in 2005, using a proprietary 2D game engine created by Tim Pelham. Shortly after the release of Alien Defense Mark Miley left the company to pursue other opportunities.

NuVera Online

In 2007 Wyllo Rogers joined the team and Nitrous Butterfly began to work on NuVera Online. NuVera Online was a social virtual world inspired by games such as Second Life and IMVU and created with the Unity Game engine. The game was a virtual world experience with private spaces, public worlds and social events and featured player created custom content. Over the course of nearly 9 years, the project, an impressive feat for a two-person team, saw substantial growth, but became less cost-effective to run over time. NuVera Online closed in March 2016.


During the later stages of NuVera Online Nitrous Butterfly began creating and selling products on the Unity Asset Store. Nitrous Butterfly has expanded some of it's content to the Unreal Marketplace and continues to maintain these art/code products. In early 2016 Tim Pelham began work on a solo project code named Cryopod. After many prototypes, the game began to take shape, and the project was renamed Mercury Fallen. Nitrous Butterfly released Mercury Fallen on Itch.IO as a free prototype demo on April 7, 2017. A paid Early Access version was released a month later, and Mercury Fallen started gaining traction in the gaming community. Mercury Fallen was released to Early Access, on Steam, October 16, 2017.



Mercury Fallen Trailer YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

    Unity Asset Store
    Nitrous Butterfly created content for the Unity Asset Store assetstore.unity.com.

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    Tim Pelham

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